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Эксгибиционизм, нарциссизм и графомания...

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Monday, September 18th, 2006
11:55p - Crowd

See my eyes I can hardly see
See me stand I can hardly work
I believe you can make me whole
See my tongue I can hardly talk
See my skin I'm a mess of blood
See my legs I can hardly stand
I believe you can make me well
See my purse I'm a poor man
Will you touch will you mend me Christ
Will you touch will you heal me Christ
Will you kiss you can cure me Christ
Won't you kiss won't you pay me Christ

Диана Арбенина - Встреча на Казани (30.08.2006)

Size: 30,3 mb

Спасибо: superstarr88, Логиновой Ульяне

UPD: Кодек, ключик, как регистрировать.

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